Our Philosophy of Care


Nashley House aims to provide the fulfillment of quality life for the residents within its care.
Our objective is to be there when we’re needed
To offer a hand to hold, an arm to lean on & a listening ear.
We will be the eyes for those who cannot see,
The voice for those who have something to say & wish to be heard,
We shall help you with your every need
Never patronise but motivate
To encourage & give praise;
Our positiveness will enhance strength & upon our compassion build the determination & confidence to try against all odds.

We aim to please,
To promote individuality in all ways,
We shall give you the care you deserve,
Our empathy will reassure,
You will know our commitment is genuine by the companionship & support you feel every day.

Our promise to each resident is:
Your happiness is what we seek to achieve,
Your health is what we aim to maintain & improve,
Your comfort & contentment is our aim to provide,
Your safety & security we will protect,
Your choices & independence we will respect,
Your privacy & dignity we will honour,
Your laughter & fun we will all share & enjoy.


Dignity in Care at Nashley House

The Management & Staff of Nashley House vehemently upholds & practices according to this Department of Health NHS Ethos. Living by the principles of Dignified Care within all services & procedures offered to our Residents, giving the Quality that is deservably a person's right.

Dignity in CareDignity in Care


Caring Spirit - Caring for one another

You can become a Dignity Champion & promote the practises of Dignity in Care. We at Nashley strongly believe this can only enhance the Dignity expressed toward one another in our Communities & daily socialization with all.