We are very proud of our Staff Team — Outside Nashley House their endeavours to maintain the highest standards are boundless. They genuinely care about the well-being of our clients and strive to ensure our effectiveness as a Quality Care Provider. Experienced staff are available to provide assistance to our residents day and night.

The Team is well established with considerable knowledge, understanding and appreciation of what is required to empathise with and help our clients; a kindy positive approach giving residents confidence in our staffing abilities.

Nashley House has excellent training policies. Staff outside Nashley HouseAll staff are positively encouraged to fulfil NVQ training courses with three certificated courses being obligatory to employment — First Aid, Safer Moving Techniques and Food & Hygiene. Other courses attended include Health & Safety, Dementia Care, Bereavement, Wounds Pressure care and Topical Dressings Infection Control. All courses are certificated by reputable government-approved training bodies.